Bankgiro (for Swedish bank account holders): 5256-5140

(For account of client funds – contact us via email for further information.)

International bank wire:

Receiver: Asiimwe Enterprises
Receiver’s address: Furuvägen 14, 472 32 Svanesund, SWEDEN
Iban/Bank account no: SE9280000835350038043600
Bic/Swift code: SWEDSESS
Name of bank: Orust Sparbank/Swedbank
Address of bank: Hedströms väg 1, 472 95 Varekil, SWEDEN

NOTE: All transactions costs are to be carried by the sender.

Online payment via PayPal

To pay online via PayPal, click the button below and follow the payment instructions. Note that it is possible to pay without creating a PayPal account. However, since PayPal takes a certain fee for each transaction, you must add 5 % on top of the total invoice amount (multiply the total amount by 1,05). Make sure to state the invoice number while processing the payment.

Amount USD