VS Jurist wins case in Södertörn District Court

What do you do when you rent out a room or an apartment to someone who refuses to vacate after the end of the agreed period? In Sweden it is not allowed to take matters into your own hands and throw out the person in question by force.

Instead, you have to initiate a process in Swedish called ”ansökan om handräckning” (application for order to pay) at Kronofogden (the Swedish Enforcement Authority), which might lead to that the case eventually will be decided in court.

M had rented out his apartment to F second hand. After the agreed time, F refused to move out from the apartment. The parties had different opinions on the content of the rental agreement as well as the rental price.

The case was brought before the Södertörn District Court in Stockholm. Today the verdict came, and it was a victory for our client: The respondent will be evicted immediately and will also be obliged to pay the legal fees of the plaintiff and to reimburse him for withheld rent payments.

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